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Knitting is an excellent activity to combat neuropathy and a way to achieve relaxation.  Receive a free knitting starter kit and guided instruction!  Then enjoy sitting with friends with your yarn projects.  All programs are being held via Zoom until further notice. Free Drop-In Program ~ Healing Garden Clients Only Email Kelly to receive Zoom meeting (more…)

Haiku, short poems that originated in Japan, help us celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary. Paying attention to the “haiku moments” in our lives can help us access our awe and wonder in the world. Writing haiku can become a practice of gratitude. Join award-winning haiku poet and teacher Brad Bennett for an introduction to (more…)

Find meaning and purpose in cancer through writing together.  For those who find themselves somewhere on the ‘cancer journey’, whether they consider themselves writers or not.  This is an opportunity to explore the terrain of cancer in a supportive, confidential environment. Led by Pamela Powell Pamela Powell has been leading groups of all ages in (more…)

Join us in this virtual drop-in music therapy program as we engage in music listening and explore ways to use the voice as an instrument of healing through music therapy and sound healing techniques. No prior musical training is necessary to engage in music therapy. Open to Clients, Caregivers & Bereaved.  The group will meet (more…)

These arts-based sessions will investigate physical awareness, the writing act, and the intersection of body and writing, as methods of contemplation, inquiry, and connection. We will explore the body as both a jumping-off point for the writing process, as well as a place of refuge when the writing challenges us. The body offers themes that (more…)

This bi-weekly music therapy support group explores ways to use your voice as an instrument of healing through music therapy and sound healing techniques. Experience how music and sound can help those navigating cancer with pain management, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy and mental clarity, improve mood, decrease feelings of isolation, and promote emotional transformation and (more…)

In this two-part program, we will create beautiful, unique boxes to contain experiences and feelings related to the cold of mid-winter, complete with its holiday focused on love. The group will come up with creative approaches and rituals to honor what it takes to get through the coldest, longest stretch of winter. Led by Cindy (more…)

Being a caregiver is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. In this group we will remind each other of the challenges and rewards, hidden though they may sometimes seem. In this 7-week series of classes, we will write together, read aloud, laugh, and cry in a supportive and confidential environment. No writing experience (more…)

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