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Find meaning and purpose in cancer through writing together.  For those who find themselves somewhere on the ‘cancer journey’, whether they consider themselves writers or not.  This is an opportunity to explore the terrain of cancer in a supportive, confidential environment. Led by Pamela Powell Pamela Powell has been leading groups of all ages in (more…)

Join Deb Hemley for a virtual 1-hour presentation that delves into the healing aspects of art. Discover what the research tells us about the ways in which we are all wired to experience the therapeutic benefits of art. Learn why initiating a consistent art practice, sooner rather than later, could be just what the doctor (more…)

This bi-weekly music therapy support group explores ways to use your voice as an instrument of healing through music therapy and sound healing techniques. Experience how music and sound can help those navigating cancer with pain management, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy and mental clarity, improve mood, decrease feelings of isolation, and promote emotional transformation and (more…)

Caregiving can be challenging; practicing regular self-care can help the caregiver remain more balanced, focused, and effective, which helps everyone involved. If you’ve ever experienced being so immersed in a creative activity that you’ve lost track of time, then you’ve experienced Creative Mindfulness!  This happens because creative activities such as art making, crafting, and gardening (more…)

Wind down with an afternoon of restorative reiki and sound healing practices to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Experience deep relaxation and stress relief through meditation, vocal toning and chanting, hands-on reiki, and a sound bath with the soothing sounds of alchemy crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and other instrumentation. Led by Certified Brennan (more…)

Join us in this virtual drop-in music therapy program as we engage in music listening and explore ways to use the voice as an instrument of healing through music therapy and sound healing techniques. No prior musical training is necessary to engage in music therapy. Open to Clients, Caregivers & Bereaved.  The group will meet (more…)

Music therapy can be an effective medium to support bereaved individuals who have lost a loved one to cancer through all stages of grief.  Music therapy can address and process complex issues surrounding bereavement and the pain of loss, while also offering opportunities for strengthening coping resources, creative and emotional expression, to improve mood, and (more…)

During this  2-hour in-person workshop, Deb Hemley will introduce her unique approach to initiating and sustaining a healing art journal. Through mindfulness practices, art exercises, and thought-provoking prompts, participants will embark on a journey to unlock techniques for bringing forth visual narratives. Previous experience is not necessary – all that’s needed is a willingness to (more…)

Trees symbolize wisdom, strength, growth, and renewal, and we can learn much about weathering the seasons of our own lives, simply by observing the way trees grow and live. “From little seeds grow mighty trees.” – unknown.  During this relaxing 2-hour workshop, we’ll consider the wisdom of trees as we use simple watercolor techniques to (more…)

Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a form of therapy in which music and imagery experiences activate inner reflection, memories, and feelings, to promote mental and spiritual well-being and health. While listening to selected music in a relaxed state, group participants express the imagery as it comes to mind through a creative process, such as (more…)

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