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You are invited to lie down on the floor or sit in chairs as you absorb the healing power of Bernadette’s music. Learn about the power of sound for relaxation and self-healing: use sound to create relaxation and joy in the body, uplifting energy in the home, grief processing and as a form of meditation. (more…)

Redirect focus and increase vitality through connections with play, nature and the arts in a series of sessions where you will discover new sources of creativity.  Andrea will now be offering this program virtually through Zoom meetings. 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month – Healing Garden Clients Only – Pre-Registration Required Led by Andrea (more…)

Knitting is an excellent activity to combat neuropathy and a way to achieve relaxation.  Receive a free knitting starter kit and guided instruction!  Then enjoy sitting with friends with your yarn projects. Free Drop In Program ~ Healing Garden Clients Only (more…)

Explore ways we can nurture ourselves through nature and our creative spirits.  Derive inspiration from nature and experience new creative projects introduced throughout the series. Learn how to keep an art journal that serves as a thread to connect the series together.  Virtual Program Led by Nadine Mazzola, Forest Therapy Guide  This program is supported (more…)

Discover what the Art of Bonsai is all about as you create your very own to take home. Led by Miki Fitzgibbons, Artist Healing Garden Clients only. This program is supported in part by grants from the Chelmsford, Clinton, Hudson, Westford, Acton-Boxborough, Bolton, Townsend, Ayer, Carlisle, Sudbury, Leominster, Shirley, Concord, Lancaster, Pepperell, Harvard, Littleton, and (more…)

Our bodies hold wisdom in ways our minds do not. In this workshop, you will be guided through journaling exercises to get in touch with this embodied wisdom. David Smith has journaling workshops for people from around the world, helping them reveal a deeper wisdom. After some instruction and exercises, you will complete two twenty-minute (more…)

Receive a free Henna Tattoo. Tattoo should last 1-3 weeks. For Healing Garden clients only. Pre-Registration REQUIRED Provided by Mandy Roberge, Artist (more…)

Sand paintings originate from Navajo healing ceremonies.  During this one-week workshop, we will explore many “Healing Symbols” and their meanings.  Participants will then have the opportunity to create a personal symbol for their own healing out of sand.  All materials are provided.  No experience necessary. Healing Garden Clients only. Led by Debra Solomon, Art Teacher (more…)

Legacy work provides a unique opportunity to reflect on your life and process through the events and people who shaped it, while still planning for the future.  It can be a powerful coping tool not only for you, but for the people around you. Led by Brianne Carter, LICSW Healing Garden Clients Only (more…)

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