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This workshop weaves your personal narrative into art using hand painted watercolor papers. Led by Debra Solomon, Artist Thanks to generous funding through the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation this program is free to Healing Garden clients. (more…)

For those on a healing or spiritual path, writing can be soul soothing. This workshop is designed to inspire and support you on your individual writing journey. Each week we write in response to a new prompt. Then, those who wish to share read aloud their writing (optional). By reading aloud, our emotions are given (more…)

Knitting is an excellent activity to combat neuropathy and a way to achieve relaxation.  Receive a free knitting starter kit and guided instruction!  Then enjoy sitting with friends with your yarn projects. Free Drop In Program ~ Healing Garden Clients Only (more…)

Develop your sense of place- become more perceptive of your relationship with nature, creativity and your place in time through a guided walking and art series at Frog Pond Farm in Harvard. This program includes a progressive art project focused on healing and life transitions. Led by Linda Hoffman, Artist & Nadine Mazzola, Forest Therapy (more…)

Daily Practices for Living Well with Cancer and Beyond: Creating your personal guide Please join us for a day of creative exploration as we consider how adopting acceptance, choice, affirmations, mindfulness, gratitude and purposefulness as daily practices can help us live well with cancer and beyond. Karen will guide participants through a series of activities (more…)

Sand paintings originate from Navajo healing ceremonies.  During this one-week workshop, we will explore many “Healing Symbols” and their meanings.  Participants will then have the opportunity to create a personal symbol for their own healing out of sand.  All materials are provided.  No experience necessary. Healing Garden Clients only. Led by Debra Solomon, Art Teacher (more…)

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