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This class is for those affected by cancer as well as the public, designed to guide ALL participants safely, creatively and joyfully down the path of well-being.  Together we learn how to practice without pain, embrace what we can and cannot do without judgment and live in peaceful residence in our bodies. Class meets Mondays (more…)

Combining the vehicles of Tai Chi and Qi Gong this practice incorporates ancient healing art practices to promote living mindfully. This is done through movement, breathing exercises, meditation and posture strengthening. Mindful living promotes contentment, calmness, steadiness and strength. The exercises are simple and easy to learn. They can be done standing or sitting. Bring (more…)

Yoga for Self Care Post-diagnosis: Treat your body with gentleness and respect Pre-treatment:  Calm nervous system, detach from anxiety During treatment: Improve circulation of body fluids  (When possible)  Lengthen muscles shortened from immobility, relax body/relax mind, increase oxygen supply to cells, take charge of own well-being, be proactive Post-surgery: Regain mobility and alignment, lengthen connective (more…)

Letting go of our stress and tension can be really challenging. Forest bathing is accessible to all levels of fitness and mobility and naturally brings about relaxation and a sense of connection with nature through simply engaging our senses. Led by Nadine Mazzola, Forest Therapy Guide Healing Garden Clients Only Through grant funding we are (more…)

Program Objectives: Create and implement a customized training approach with supportive ‘friend teams’. This approach will result in: – A customized training approach for each participant – Weekly sessions with the group and the instructor – The creation of the habit of exercise Program Outline: This will be a four (4) week program which combines group (more…)

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