Acupuncture for cancer symptom management

Symptom Management

The Healing Garden offers a variety of complementary therapeutic services that address the side effects of cancer and its treatment. These forms of energy work are extremely helpful for anxiety,  pain, nausea, nerve pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, and more.  All body/energy services are individual 1-hour long sessions and offered on a sliding scale fee system. To schedule contact our Care Coordinator by email or by calling (978) 456-3532, ext. 103.


This is an ancient medical treatment that considers the Qi or Chi as the central energy source of the body’s activities. Chi circulates through pathways called meridians, each linked to a particular organ network. Insertion of needles comparable to a strand of hair, at the meridian points, strengthens the Chi. Acupuncture is a highly respected therapy which has been proven effective for the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea, joint pain and fatigue. It can also be helpful for symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and insomnia.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage is a gentle massage used to improve lymph flow and reduce lymphedema. Lymph nodes produce lymphocytes which are a major part of the body’s immune system to destroy harmful substances and fight infections. Lymphatic opening treatment is used to manually increase the speed of lymph drainage of body toxins and metabolic waste and acts to increase the strength of our immune systems. This technique is very effective in reducing lymphedema in the face, throat, arms, and legs. Instruction in self-massage techniques will be reviewed.

Foot Reflexology

The purpose of foot reflexology is to warm and relax the feet, then through gentle pressure, activate the points on the feet which relate to other areas and organs of the body. It can be very beneficial for overall relaxation and a sense of peace. Reflexology is always included in a polarity session or can simply be experienced on its own.

Polarity Balancing

Polarity energy balancing is a healing touch technique designed to promote a feeling of deep relaxation with an expansion of awareness and well-being.  The term “polarity” refers to the poles of electromagnetic energy flowing continuously throughout your body. The intention of a polarity balancing session is to restore the natural circulation of body fluids and energy flow by reducing tension and stress. While you lie fully clothed on the massage table, the practitioner gently contacts specific areas and points on your body to facilitate balance relaxation, breathing, and body awareness. The resulting release of stress clears the way for your innate self-healing ability to bring the bodily systems closer to true balance and harmony.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach that assesses and enhances the function of your body’s craniosacral system. Your craniosacral system is made up of membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect your brain and spinal cord. By releasing restrictions in your craniosacral system, CranioSacral Therapy helps to improve the functioning of your central nervous system.  This boosts your body’s natural abilities to shed tension, pain and self-correct and has a whole body effect.  All that you need to do is lie down and relax on a treatment table in loose, comfortable clothing.

The health empowering benefits you may enjoy through CranioSacral Therapy, include:

  • Calm for easier flow through your day
  • More effective concentration
  • Sound sleep that allows you to wake up refreshed
  • Tension softened for a deep sense of physical, mental and spiritual renewal
  • Pain that is dramatically reduced or completely relieved
  • Increased freedom of movement
  • Increase natural energy for all those things you love to do

CranioSacral Therapy is so gentle that it can be used as a stand alone program for a variety of conditions or partnered with other ongoing treatment such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, chemotherapy, medications for pain, depression and anxiety, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage.


The “laying of hands,” is an ancient Japanese touch healing system. The art is in energy focus through the hands during which the practitioner awakens the ability to heal. Reiki lends itself to support the immune system. It does this by supporting the body’s natural tendency towards balance. Clients are fully clothed while lying on a massage table. For those impacted by invasive medical procedures, Reiki can re-educate the body that touch can be nurturing, safe and respectful.


This is a form of Asian bodywork based on the same theory and philosophy as acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese. Instead of needles, a Shiatsu therapist uses hand and finger pressure on the meridians to promote the smooth flow of Qi to balance the body’s energy and bring a sense of well-being to the body, mind and spirit. This is done while clients remain fully clothed on a massage table. Shiatsu is beneficial in recovering from surgery and relieving side effects of cancer treatment. It is a restorative therapy that relies on touch to promote self-healing.

Therapeutic Touch

This is based on a belief that human beings have a “life energy field” also known as Qi or Chi that extends beyond the surface of the body and generates an aura. This technique promotes relaxation, alters perceptions of pain, and mobilizes the individual’s own healing energies to restore health, balance and order.

Therapeutic Massage

This is one of the oldest practices in health care. The basic principle involves manipulation of the soft tissue of the body for the purpose of balancing fluid and relaxing the body through touch and movement. Sensitive touch conveys a sense of being cared for, which increases your healing energy. Massage can alleviate pain, anxiety and joint/muscle issues. This type of massage differs from spa massage by focusing on trigger points to promote health.

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