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During this group, in conversation with each other, we consider diverse religious/spiritual insights that help us to meet cancer with courage and hope. Believing that wisdom is ecumenical and inter-religious, the group shares spiritual resources from their own traditions – at present Catholic/Christian/Jewish- as well as from meditation practices based in Zen Buddhism, and most (more…)

Cultivate a calm presence and learn how to transform difficult emotions. Each session begins with a 20-minute guided meditation, followed by an open discussion. Open to beginner and advanced meditation practitioners. Led by Brenda Phillips, Ph.D. Bree is a professor in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Boston University, who is currently completing (more…)

This spiritual, deeply meditative practice incorporates balanced movement, breathe exercises, increased circulation, and posture strengthening. All classes held via Zoom until further notice. Led by Angela Raymond This class is open to registered Healing Garden Clients, Caregivers, and Bereaved members (more…)

A 6-week group dedicated to learning the “relaxation response”- shifting your body and mind out of a chronic state of inflammatory stress.  Develop an individualized, dedicated meditation practice, and engage in psycho-educational exercises.  Participants are encouraged to commit to the entire 6-week program. All classes are held via Zoom. Free Program for Healing Garden Clients (more…)

You are invited to lie down on the floor or sit in chairs as you absorb the healing power of Bernadette’s music. Learn about the power of sound for relaxation and self-healing: use sound to create relaxation and joy in the body, uplifting energy in the home, grief processing, and as a form of meditation. (more…)

Please join William for guided imagery, breathwork, yoga, and meditation. This class is designed to introduce survivors living with cancer to the healing modalities of guided imagery, yoga, and meditation. Guided imagery calls on the active imagination to activate internal images of peaceful experiences in conjunction with breathing techniques in order to deepen into relaxation. We will explore yoga (more…)

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