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Combining the vehicles of Tai Chi and Qi Gong this practice incorporates ancient healing art practices to promote living mindfully. This is done through movement, breathing exercises, meditation and posture strengthening. Mindful living promotes contentment, calmness, steadiness and strength. The exercises are simple and easy to learn. They can be done standing or sitting. Bring (more…)

Join a psycho-educational and experiential group to learn self-hypnosis for wellness such as reducing side effects of treatment, pain or anxiety, and improving sleep. Led by Kerry Rollins, LICSW (more…)

At this Oneness Blessing event you will receive a transformative blessing preceded by a meditation. Also known as Deeksha, a transformative blessing is a direct transfer of energy “which causes the heart to flower and the mind to quiet.” This brings a shift in perception and the realization that the sense of separate self is (more…)

You are invited to lie down on the floor or sit in chairs as you absorb the healing power of Bernadette’s music. Learn about the power of sound for relaxation and self-healing: use sound to create relaxation and joy in the body, uplifting energy in the home, grief processing and as a form of meditation.  Learn (more…)

We invite families and friends of our clients who have passed on to join with us for a gathering of readings and music that commemorate and honor those we have loved and lost. Please RSVP to   (more…)

This retreat will give clients and their loved ones the opportunity to experience renewal together, includes: Yoga (Chair Yoga available), Experiential Journaling and a Gourmet Lunch. $25 per person.  Scholarships are available.  Please email for more information. Pre-Registration is Required. (more…)

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