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Join Deb Hemley for a virtual 1-hour presentation that delves into the healing aspects of art. Discover what the research tells us about the ways in which we are all wired to experience the therapeutic benefits of art. Learn why initiating a consistent art practice, sooner rather than later, could be just what the doctor (more…)

Grow your own mushrooms at home with expert support from Farmer Elizabeth herself! During these 3 virtual sessions, Elizabeth will set you- and your grow block- up for success, providing the science behind the ‘shrooms, including life cycle and anatomy, as well as what to expect from your block. You’ll have fun participating in collaborative (more…)

Join Nadine Mazzola, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, as she discusses the various ways nature can support our health, healing, and wellbeing including research and health impacts as well as activities clients could do on their own. This free virtual program will meet on Zoom. Pre-Registration required. Led by Nadine Mazzola, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Expressive (more…)

Coaching is for Everyone! Why participate in Health and Wellness coaching?  We all have ideas of what we want our future lives to look like and often struggle with how to get there.  No matter what your goals are, coaching can promote success in attaining them.  Coaching is a collaborative process that uses positive psychology (more…)

Come in person to the Healing Garden for a discussion on the beneficial properties of different types of herbal teas.  Meet Sara from Crose Nest who will talk about different herbs such as skullcap, hibiscus, lemon balm, peppermint, cinnamon, and ginger.  We will taste a few blends of tea and learn about where the Crose (more…)

Have you ever wondered whether you should consider genetic testing for hereditary cancer? In this talk, we will discuss the features of hereditary cancer, how genetic testing could benefit you and your family, and review the common concerns and considerations of genetic testing. This is a free virtual program, pre-registration is required. Optional donation accepted.  (more…)

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