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Healing Gardeners

The Healing Gardeners lovingly oversee, plan, and maintain the gardens around The Healing Garden center. The group includes professional landscapers, landscape architects, horticulturists, and Master Gardeners. But most are garden enthusiasts or people who volunteer in the garden because they are fans of The Healing Garden’s work with clients.

There is no special training or skill required to join the team, and everyone on the team learns from each other. Some people choose to participate in the big Spring and Fall cleanup days; others come individually or in small groups once a month as part of a rotation of weekly maintenance.

The Healing Gardeners meet formally two to three times a year to plan for the season, set priorities, assign tasks, and monitor progress.

Most donations to The Healing Garden support services for clients during their cancer journeys. Other donations help with our environment, and we are particularly grateful for the many organizations, individuals, and businesses who have donated plants, materials, and time to make the gardens in the front, the water feature by the support group room, and the back terrace and stone wall so much more than we expected.

Might you be able to help us with some of our garden needs?

  • a wind sculpture to bring to life the element of air in our sensory garden
  • herbs and edibles for our raised planter beds
  • volunteer labor – weeding, watering, deadheading in summer
  • organic compost and soil amendments
  • mulch
  • annuals for spring and summer 2017

Thank you for whatever help you can offer!

To learn more about the Healing Gardeners, please contact Kelly, our Care Coordinator.  Thank you!

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We rely entirely on voluntary donations from people like you who are invested in helping those affected by cancer.

Your thoughtful philanthropic support of The Healing Garden enables us to maintain, broaden, and enhance our program offerings and services.